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APEIROS is the first novel in
the metaphysical
Continuum Series
by Ardyce West
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Also available in paperback
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Ardyce West is an author and Spiritual Practitioner for the Centers for Spiritual Living in Colorado. She
provides spiritual guidance and counseling for individuals and speaks to groups on many topics including
surrender, forgiveness, healing, women's issues, domestic abuse, death and dying, and grieving. She teaches
classes on the subject of healing, forgiveness and well-being, and has led workshops and chaired large
retreats for multi-faceted healing conferences.  For more information click the contact link below.
AETERNALIS is the second
novel in the metaphysical
Continuum Series
by Ardyce West

Available in paperback or
Kindle at
Also available in paperback
and NOOK at
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online stores.
SIORAI is the third novel in
the metaphysical
Continuum Series
by Ardyce West

Available in paperback or
Kindle at
Also available in paperback or
Barnes & Noble
What reviewers are
saying on Amazon.com
Sophia’s metaphysical journey through her many past lives leads to the startling
revelation of a family she never knew existed. Empowered by her newfound ability
to pull back the veils of time and space, Sophia learns the truth about the mother she
never knew, and the dark secret her enigmatic father took to his grave. Sophia
embarks on a quest for understanding and forgiveness as the Order of Apeiros unites
in Colorado, introducing her to widely diverse and delightful people who share a
common purpose. As Sophia learns more about her mysterious past, a persistent
vision transports her to the fateful maiden voyage of the
RMS Titanic, where she
found true love and spiritual calling on a passage into destiny.
I wrote a review on Ardyce West's first Continuum book Apeiros because it was just *that good* and I felt I
had to say a word or two. I ended with saying that I was excited to read her sequel. Here I am again after
completing the 2nd Continuum book, Aeternalis. I'm so excited to let everyone know that it was amazingly
good! She truly is gifted in how she writes, painting vivid layers of her story as she sweeps you along through
twists and surprises - keeping your interest to the point that you just don't want to stop reading. It was so
good to be back with Sophia and Michael as well as those so close to them (not giving any spoilers). There
was such a wonderful flow and rhythm as I found myself laughing, moved to tears, smiling and feeling awed
by the spiritual insight that is key to the story as well as each one of us. She has clearly done some intense
research in order to incorporate detailed historic events with the weaving of her characters and depth of their
lives from the past, masterfully keeping it rich and fascinating. Now I will wait again in anticipation for the
next Continuum of the series, to lose myself in the lives of these wonderful characters I feel I've come to
know and love.
- Jasper

I had the pleasure of reading this book over vacation, what a read! I'm hooked and cannot wait for the next
one. Definitely pick up this series, highly recommend.
- S. Cobb

I really Love as I moved into continuum Book 2, how Sophia continued her exploration of all the sides of the
experiences she has lived as a spiritual being. I want to be a part of the Apeiros mastermind now. The journey
this book takes on through the details of the great Titanic story is amazing.
- Rob

Ardyce writes with such detail that it is hard to put the book down. She takes you to places in history with her
characters and describes scenes with such clarity. I can't wait for her next book in the series!!
- Judy

Amazing! Ardyce West is a master storyteller. Such a compelling book! This book is a "can't put down". The
author tells a story you think you might know something about in a new, spell-binding way, painting excellent
pictures for the readers and with fabulously developed characters. I love how the reader is taken on an
insightful journey - like no other. Buy this book - you'll be glad you did!
- S. Walsh

What a delightful and fascinating multi-level journey in Ardyce West's new book. Her descriptions and
dialogue brought me fully into the experience of the historical period as well as the modern day story. Just as
her character, Sophia, had these moments of imagining herself in another time, I did also. After reading this
book I felt the depth of my life was expanded because I had experienced such an profound life with the
characters in this book. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.
- Jay

Amazing! Ardyce West is a master storyteller. Such a compelling book! This book is a "can't put down". The
author tells a story you think you might know something about in a new, spell-binding way, painting excellent
pictures for the readers and with fabulously developed characters. - Headphone set
What reviewers are
saying on Amazon.com
In this third installment of Ardyce West’s Continuum Series, Sophia’s metaphysical
awakening led to a family she never knew existed, but she must confront a demon from
the past before she may fully embrace the future.

Her journeys lead her and Michael to Ireland, where they discover ancestral roots that
impel Sophia to continue her recall of a past life aboard the RMS
Titanic, where over 1,500
souls were lost in the most infamous sea disaster in history. Lost and adrift among the
many nameless souls in lifeboats on the frigid North Atlantic, Sophia vividly recalls the
grief and despair suffered by the survivors, whose lives were forever changed by forces
beyond their control.

In the meantime, members of Apeiros reunite to embrace beloved White Buffalo, who
shares his noble legacy that foretells an eternal life.

This rich and captivating story draws elements from Ardyce West’s previous two
Continuum novels, blending them into a compelling new slant on the metaphysical
themes of spirituality, reincarnation, and eternal life. West’s dynamic storytelling further
fleshes out the core characters of the previous two books,
Apeiros and Aeternalis, starring
Continuum’s heroine everywoman, Sophia Delaney, a seemingly ordinary, middle-aged
American artist whose life was upended after a car accident thrust her into the ethers of
eternality in a near-death experience.
Siorai – Continuum Book Three picks up in the
aftermath of the tragic RMS
Titanic disaster, where Sophia recalls her past-life aboard the
doomed ship. Lost and cast adrift in a lifeboat, she watches the horrific demise of the great
ship, which carried over 1500 souls to their icy doom, among them the man with whom
she fell in love on what they believed was a voyage to a new life of hope and redemption.
The story further develops Sophia’s journey of reawakening as she and her beloved
Michael tour Ireland and explore their ancient ancestry, while back at home Sophia’s spirit
guide and mentor, White Buffalo, must face his own destiny in the circle of life.
I LOVE Siorai and all of the books in the series. At the end of each book, I find myself wanting more. This
adventure took me to Ireland where the description of the areas were so vivid. I love how Ardyce writes so
that you are really there. The metaphysical journey of Sophia , that main character, took me to questions I
had never asked myself about my past. I love how the story line continues and weaves through the different
time periods. Her writing about the Titanic is so detailed that you could feel the powerful moments of that
time. I KNOW there is more and will purchase the first copy of book IV in the series!
- Judy

I hope Ardyce West continues to write her Continuum Series ~ I feel as though I'm included in the lives of
her characters who have become real to me, as if I've met them and am excited to know how they're doing
with each new book. As I pick up where I left off from Book Two and read Siorai, I learn more and more
about their lives and how they are intertwined ~ where some have begun and where they're headed. Could
hardly wait to find out what happened after the cliff hanger at the end of Aeternalis! The beautiful, detailed
descriptions of Ireland are imprinted on my mind as if Sophia and Michael shared their pictures and stories of
their exciting adventures with me. I learn about history from a perspective that I have not thought of before
as I read about Salem and another of Sophia's past lives. The most precious treasure has been having the
privilege to learn, know and understand more about White Buffalo as he shares wonderful stories about his
life, wisdom and purpose (see, I told you they are real to me). Thank you Ardyce for sharing your amazing
gift of writing ~ of love and spiritual truths. I receive them all. Until Book Four, I will try to patiently wait.
- Jasper

Absolutely spell binding. Another hold your breath, exciting ride. There is great heartfelt wisdom and insight
in this book that I can apply to my own life. Not only a page-turner, but a MUST READ!!!!
- S. Walsh

After reading Books 1 and 2 I quickly moved into book 3. As the story of Sophia continues on, I found her
traveling to places I have always had a calling to visit. The journey increased my desire to visit and invest
some time in New Orleans and Ireland as well for I am told my moms family is from there. The details of
The Ireland Honeymoon were amazing and all the fun and great people they befriended. You feel like you
are with them. Lastly, the story of White Buffalo and his life adventure from his being a young man was
educational and very moving and the same time.
- Rob

I got hooked on the Continuum series when I came across the first book, Apeiros, at the suggestion of a
friend. The storyline and characters resonate with me because they are very real and believable, and I find
the premise of the afterlife connecting with past lives absolutely intriguing. The first book lays the foundation
of the main character, Sophia, an ordinary woman who is thrust into an extraordinary life-altering experience.
While Apeiros focuses primarily on Sophia’s life, the second book, Aeternalis, interjects intriguing characters
that revolve around Sophia, both from the past and present, focusing primarily on a passionate love affair she
experienced in a past life aboard the Titanic.
      Each book builds suspense and intrigue as multiple stories seamlessly weave in and out of the past and
present, introducing us to interesting characters who share a common thread. Not to give away spoilers, I can
at least say that the second book left me hanging on the rails of the sinking Titanic, which made for a long
wait in anticipation of the third book, Siorai, which did not disappoint. While Siorai is entertaining, with more
fascinating facts I never knew about the Titanic, and a wonderful foray into Sophia’s ancestry in Ireland, this
book delves even deeper into the metaphysical questions of eternal life. Each book continues to challenge me
to look more deeply into the meaning of my own life.
- "Wordz" a Barnes&Noble NOOK reader
What reviewers are
saying on Amazon.com
Ardyce’s writing inspires and intrigues. It helps me remember that I am a cosmic, creative, loving and
generative being with immense spiritual power available to tap into at any moment. She weaves profound
universal and spiritual truths into unique, compelling and entertaining stories and characters that span
generations and lifetimes. She has indeed created her own unique genre that inspires, uplifts and entertains!
-Kumar Dandavati
Dandavati Group

I have known Ardyce for many years and her commitment to sharing this important message has been
     - Cynthia James, Author
     What Will Set You Free
     Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence

Ardyce West brings forth a new voice to the mysteries of life and the hereafter with a rare gift of storytelling
and keen insight for the common person traversing the wonders of this earthly existence.
     -Publisher at KCLonewolf
Ardyce West's compelling narrative examines the grief, pain and regret suffered
by many who hide in the darkness of abortion, offering techniques designed for
self-forgiveness and spiritual healing.
While acknowledging the pointed issues and opinions of both pro-life and pro-choice, West
remains apolitical and non judgmental, conceding that many women and men involved in
abortion successfully move on comfortably resolved to their decision.
"I Never Heard You
in fact never approaches political edict or social commentary regarding abortion. West
focuses rather on the substantial number of people who struggle with complex and deeply
emotional post-abortion issues.

In addition to relating the heartbreaking story of her own struggles and triumphs, West
interviews a number of “abortion survivors” who have transcended the emotional, social,
and political stigmas attached to this volatile issue. Interspersed are effective techniques
designed to achieve self-forgiveness and spiritual healing. Her suggested meditations and
self-reliance techniques apply to reconciliation of grief, depression, shame, regret and any
host of other debilitating emotions beyond just abortion – they are relevant to any issue
that holds us back from realizing the full potential for personal growth and happiness.

Listen to Ardyce
discuss her book on
"What We're Thinking
with host
Ken Ludwig
on the
Co-Creator Radio
Click Here to Hear Ardyce's Interview
"There are topics that ignite courageous conversations and create controversy.  The subject matter of
this book is one of those topics.  Abortion has been and continues to be a “hot bed” of heated
discussion in numerous circles.  There are groups of people with opinions that connect the choice to
have an abortion to morality.  Other groups are adamant that a woman has the right to choose what
happens with her body.  Still others are fighting for the rights for abortion for medical safety of the

According to statistics, nearly half of the pregnancies among American women are unintended, and
four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion. Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies (excluding
miscarriages) end in abortion.  From 1973 through 2008, nearly 50 million legal abortions occurred.  
Each year, two percent of women aged 15-44 have an abortion and half have had at least one
previous abortion.

Ardyce West has written a deeply personal and important book with a message for anyone who has
ever had an abortion or experienced a loved one having an abortion.  She invites us to understand
the long lasting emotional and psychological aftermath that comes from moving through an
abortion.  She also invites us to replace fear with love.  Through her personal story and others
sharing their stories, Ardyce invites us to move into a state of compassionate listening and profound
forgiveness.  In fact, she asks us to move out of any form of judgment and open our hearts to anyone
who has ever had to experience the pain of abortion on any level.

I have known Ardyce for many years and her commitment to sharing this important message has
been unwavering.  I have witnessed her deep dedication to supporting people in being healthy and
whole. That commitment and her personal work make this a powerful tool.  This is a book that will
support healing and transform the way people look at abortion if they are willing to suspend fearful
concepts.  I highly encourage you to read this book and share it with your family, friends and even
counseling clients.  It will make a difference in how they view the experience of abortion and
hopefully encourage them to open their hearts."

-- Cynthia James
What Will Set You Free
Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence
Visit Cynthia's web site:  CynthiaJames.net
"For me, a great book is one that leaves me moved and
tingling when I complete its final passages. Ardyce West's
I Never Heard You Cry, did precisely that for me. Not
only will you be supported and inspired, you will find
numerous springs of healing in this book. It is poignant as
well as practical, offering compassion and insight in a
controversial and troubled arena. Read this book and let
your heart be touched."

--Dr. Roger W. Teel
Minister Emeritus
Mile Hi Church
Lakewood, Colorado

"Ardyce West courageously shares her vulnerability in
exposing her soul’s journey of healing after her experience
of abortion. Her insights give us all strength in moving
forward after irreplaceable loss into greater awareness.
Never Heard You Cry'
is a significant and much needed
work that will heal lives."

--Rev. Christian Sorensen, D.D.
Seaside Center for Spiritual Living
Encinitas, California
- "I Never Heard You Cry" moved me to cry, to question, to listen, to grow, to forgive, to look inward and
outward... The book is about so much more than the journey through abortion, it speaks to me on many
different levels about my own experiences in life. It is so rich and full, that I will indeed need to read it
again...and again."

- ...an amazing journey through the healing process. This book is filled with so many metaphysical and
spiritual principles, that it is a valuable resource for anyone moving through profound healing and/or
change...I would highly recommend "I Never Heard You Cry" for anyone facing a healing process or anyone
who works in an area of healing or spiritual counseling. I found it to be compelling, very well written and a
book that I'll refer to again and again for its insights and advice."

- "This book isn't about pro-life, pro-choice, politics or religion. It's about people. It's about the women and
men who emotionally struggle after they have aborted their child, and it's also about the vast majority of us
who understand that abortion is not a black-and-white issue that can only be addressed in absolutes..."

- "The varied stories give perspective from different points of view and how the individuals worked through
their silent pain. I appreciate that it does not promote either the political or religious views that cloud the issue
of abortion..."

- "Ardyce West wrote such a beautiful, rich and full expression of her healing process through abortion. It
was like finding Spring water in the desert of judgment that surrounds abortion and other such life decisions
that many face in this complicated world. Although, I have not personally experienced abortion I have
walked other women through the process to know the agonizing guilt and stigma they have experienced. The
profound truth for me in this book is the statement that "we are each doing the very best that we can"
especially when we have only the tools that our past has given to us..."

-  "Ardyce West has so courageously and tenderly shared with all of us an insightful pathway to approaching
the powerful emotional and spiritual territory that we must address if we are to move toward our collective
healing in a loving and balanced discussion of abortion...Anyone who has or anticipates having to deal with
abortion either personally or within their circle of family or friends, owes it to themselves and their loved
ones to read and share the wisdom held in this timely book. It has been written with such care and
compassion while elevating us beyond the false oversimplification of this being a matter merely of either
pro-life or pro-choice..."
I Never Heard You Cry
A Compassionate Journey Through Abortion

Available in paperback or Kindle at
Also available in paperback or NOOK at
Barnes & Noble!
What Amazon.com readers are saying about I Never Heard You Cry:
Ardyce West’s Continuum Series weaves numerous interlinking stories through
each book, blending a bit of self-help with metaphysical historical fiction about
unsung heroes and sensitive souls from the present day and the past. The task
of her dynamic and engaging characters is simple - to shift the consciousness of
the world - one thought, one word, one act of love at a time. Their seemingly
ordinary lives are, at times, quite astonishing through the mystery and intrigue
of their mystical experiences, with interwoven stories and tales told with
humor, romance, suspense, intrigue, and timeless universal wisdom.
Well... I thought I had an idea what the book was about, but I really didn't know ... therefore I was
genuinely thrilled! Ardyce West is an amazing writer! Rich, dense, expressive, captivating... you really have
to take your time to read her story in order to grasp all that she is saying, because it is so much more than a
story. It is about life changing paradigm shifts in how you can view life, yourself and everyone around you. I
loved reading about Sophia's unfolding awareness of her past lives and how they not only impacted her 'here
and now', but the impact she realizes they will have on her future. The depth in which Ardyce described
ancient pasts were so detailed, as if you were there with Sophia - plus I learned a thing or two. I loved how
her current life and soul were bared raw for us to see and share - to rejoice and to cry with her. Sophie and
Michael's interactions and sweet, funny, deep love made my heart smile. She did such an amazing job of
weaving everything together, bringing surprises as well as clarity. I would highly recommend this wonderful
masterpiece to anyone! It doesn't matter what one's belief system is, it will be a worthwhile read for sure!
I'm excited to read her sequel when it comes out!
- Jasper

I loved this book! There were two journeys that took place. Sophia’s amazing trek that came from the
powerful descriptive words read within this book and my own expedition that I took with her. Sophia is a
woman that is coming into and owning her power. She crosses continents as well as centuries through past
lives on this remarkable self-discovery! What she finds is healing, not just for her but for this world. I love
how this book confirms the importance of following one’s calling and intuition, Ardyce West’s character of
Sophia affirms this and more!
- Jewels

This author has a way of writing hat is spellbinding and poetic, full of spiritual wisdom and insight which
directly positivity impacted my life through this book. It is a page turner and her use of words and highly
developed plot is captivating. So looking forward to the next book!
- S. Walsh

I love the way Ardyce writes. The character development and scenes are thoughtful, energetic, and well
written. I couldn't put the book down!

This is a gem of a book, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found myself really identifying with the main character
and wanting to be in on her journey. I think my favorite aspect of Apeiros is the snippets of metaphysical
wisdom that are so beautifully woven throughout. It's been a few weeks since I've finished it and I still hear
some of the messages through out my day. I highly recommend!!
- S. Cobb

This book reached out & grabbed me from chapter 1! It was hard to put down, I took my time with it &
enjoyed doing so because it was so engaging, it allowed me to reflect on my own life too, which was
unexpected. Getting to know the characters was fascinating, I loved the true historical references - it's just a
very special read. It's wonderful when an author can touch readers at many different levels and leave them
with take aways, should they so choose - can't wait for volume 2.
- mtntina

I loved this book! The words of Ardyce West were so vivid and rich that I felt I was experiencing the
amazing life that her characters were living. After reading this book, I became more thoughtful that there is
more to this world than our senses can perceive.
- Jay

Ardyce West has woven a wonderful story with some fascinating characters. I was a little hesitant picking up
this book. The more I read, the more I got caught up in the characters and the interweaving of their lives
over multiple lifetimes... I couldn't put it down! Even though this book is fiction, it was a great reminder
about how incredibly intuitive, tuned in, creative and generative I can be with my own life, and how rich my
life can be in so many ways. An inspiring and fun read!
- Mile Hi'er

I found myself being Sophia her story is mine. It's like the author Ardyce West channeled me and my
journey! Truly has me engaged. I don't prefer to read unless I have something I connect to and wow,
Apeiros is connecting to me. AWESOME!
- Carol

I want to give you a little background of my personal reading practices. I am a teacher in the personal
transformation, self development field. I share this for I read everyday but have never really been attracted
to fictional story telling types of books. That is until now. I started reading this book and couldn't put it
down. I decided I would order the continuum's and have loved them even more. My goal was to free my
mind of the learning, teaching aspect of my work. I not only got to do this with great enjoyment while on
vacation, relaxing, etc. I also found with the way in which Ardyce writes, there is so much of what I love in
there. Ardyce brings in pieces that are thought provoking, fun, and life giving. I am also amazed at the detail
of which she writes her stories. You will love this book
- Rob
OUROBOROS is the fourth
novel in the metaphysical
Continuum Series
by Ardyce West

Available in paperback or Kindle
Also available in paperback or
Barnes & Noble
Following the death of their beloved mentor and spirit guide, White Buffalo, the members
of Apeiros discover a stunning revelation about him that will forever change the course of
their lives and Apeiros itself.  As they try to comprehend all that has happened, Sophia
and Michael invite them to journey to Ireland, where they uncover secrets of prehistoric
Eire and yet another talisman that enhances Sophia’s power to reach into the mystical
world of the Réalta.

In her most ambitious effort yet, Ardyce West’s fourth Continuum novel delves ever
deeper into the remarkable world of Sophia and her spiritual circle of shamans, healers,
and mystics. She dreams of a prehistoric past life among the Druids of Eire, and taps into
the life of the ancient seer and mystic, Nostradamus.  Along the way, the Order of Apeiros
is honored to have an audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Gaston reveals much
about his past, and we come to learn more about the colorful lives of the members of
Available in paperback or Kindle at
Ardyce changes gears and displays her artistic talents with her wonderful
children's book
There Once Was a Kitty Named Digit, a delightful "tail" about a
big little kitty with
twenty-seven toes. Under the nom de plume of "Zadie Cahill"
Ardyce writes sweet and funny limericks to accompany her playful illustrations.
FALL 2019!
Each book builds suspense and intrigue as multiple stories seamlessly weave in and out of the past and
present, introducing us to interesting characters who share a common thread. After reading the first three
Continuum books, which ended with a poignant but sad conclusion in Síoraí, I wasn’t sure how the series
was going to resume with its usual flair for creativity and uplifting message. Ouroboros certainly didn’t
disappoint. From the start, the great characters who we’ve come to know and love jump off the page and
engage us with their usual charm, and those who are no longer among them never really leave – which is
really the point of the entire series. This installment brings Nostradamus to life and explores the ancient
Druids of Eire, as well as delving into Buddhism, Hinduism, and the mysterious beliefs in reincarnation and
eternal life. As is the case in the first three books, Ouroboros will make you laugh and cry, but most
importantly, it will challenge you to think beyond the conventional precepts of religion, life, and eternity.
- "Wordz" a Barnes&Noble NOOK reader
Through the art of storytelling and artistic expression,
Ardyce West shares through her writing and her workshops
the wisdom she gained from her two near-death experiences.  
She is an optimum blend of spirituality and transformation,
offering enjoyably creative self-empowerment workshops,
leaving those in attendance with many life-giving takeaways,
assisting others in living a full spectrum wholehearted life
through the brilliant guidance and intuition she provides for
individuals and groups. She also offers private client sessions
for transformative healing, life-enriching self-empowerment,
and spiritual development.  As an accomplished artist,
Ardyce has also conducted many art and jewelry workshops.
"Every now and then someone comes along whose light shines so brightly, one cannot help but sit up and
lean in - Ardyce West is such a light. Her gentle truth-telling and illuminating consciousness always makes
her an irresistible guest. It's always a pleasure to have her come to our center to speak, or to hold one of her
unique and compelling workshops. Every time she visits, even before she's out the door, people start asking,
"When is she coming back?" At her last appearance, every single person I spoke to said they would come and
see her again and even bring people they know. Obviously, I strongly recommend Ardyce West. She's a
profound and insightful messenger.
     ~ Reverend Shaun Furlong
        Pueblo Divine Science Center
        Pueblo, Colorado
"I would like to personally recommend Ardyce West as a workshop facilitator. She presented The Path of the
Sacred Self workshop to my community in May, 2019. Her deep wisdom coupled with her relatable stories
and style made her message relevant. People in the workshop reported that the activities and discussion
deepened their understanding of themselves and the way Spirit works through them. Several people reported
breakthroughs in their lives and all reported being inspired by her personal stories and insights. I
whole-heartedly recommend her workshops."
         ~ Rev. Jay Lang, Sr. Minister
            Center for Spiritual Living Napa Valley

"I immediately enrolled when the registration opened for the workshop "You Are the Sacred Way" presented
by Ardyce West. I was not only interested in the topic, but I admire how Ardyce always comes from an
authentic place of heart. She shared some very personal aspects of her own life including how not just one,
but her two near death experiences impacted her outlook on life. I listened intently, and I was move deeper in
my own appreciation for life. I was reminded how my own life would be sacred in every moment if I chose to
live in the loving authentic way that truly is Ardyce West.
     "Ardyce's presentation to a full house had each of us bonding in a personal way through our own
opportunities to share and reflect in a compassionate, safe setting. I feel each participant was impacted in a
positive and personal way; I know I was. Ardyce presented simple truths, spiritual qualities, and how one
might appreciate, and experience the gift of life itself. I look forward to attending Ardyces' next presentation
regardless of the topic she chooses to present."
      ~ Steve Kindsfather, RScP and ministerial student

"This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended."  
       ~Barbara Barrett, RScP